Mike M. and Melanie N.

My wife and I are writing to wholeheartedly recommend Dixie Rapuano as a real estate agent. In addition to helping us find the perfect home, she provided incredible additional service before, during, and even after the closing.

By way of background, Dixie was recommended to my wife by her friend, who had worked with and was extremely satisfied with her service. We met Dixie in March and we instantly liked her.

Over the next several months, we looked at an incredible number of homes – we were unfocused first-time home buyers. And all along the way, Dixie was immensely helpful in guiding us to the just the right place for us.

In fact, while we were looking online at house listings on our own constantly, Dixie found a place that we had never seen and suggested that we take a look. It was absolutely perfect, but it had escaped our radar because it was in a neighborhood we hadn’t considered. She had listened and watched us search for several months and identified on her own the perfect place for us. We saw it, and with just the right amount of very light “suggestion” from Dixie (no pressure, more of an “assurance” that this was the right thing to do), we put an offer in on it.

She negotiated our offer for us and got us a price we were extremely satisfied with, convincing the selling agent to choose our offer (which was lower than a competing offer). We won the place, moved in, and we love the place and the neighborhood.

After our offer was accepted, she continued to support us, suggesting moving companies, a painter we were extremely satisfied with, and offering us furniture suggestions. As I am writing this, I am looking at a dessert she baked us for Thanksgiving.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the experience.

Finally, before I close this review, I just want to add a few things about Dixie’s professionalism and character.

Throughout the process, we were probably not the best clients, yet Dixie ALWAYS remained professional, courteous, and never wavered in trying to help us out.

We were highly unfocused in what we wanted, with my wife and I having very different views. At every open house we went to, Dixie would listen to what we were saying and continue to adjust her recommendations to us, gradually bringing our needs together. She patiently went with us as we explored all different types of homes (houses, condos, townhouse, close to the city and far away), with no pressure.

Dixie religiously looked for places and sent us a recommendation every weekend. While there were stretches where we were not the most prompt in responding to those messages or offering times to meet, she never stopped working for us. And, looking back on it now, we really really appreciate it.

Basically, it was like we had a really good friend looking out for us during the process – the kind of friend that always had your best interests in mind even when you weren’t always the perfect friend yourself.

We have recommended Dixie to other friends already, one of which bought a place with Dixie as well. We will continue to recommend her and would love to work with her again in the future.

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